Per se is a Los Angeles based music production studio that is known for composing, producing, and programming music oriented projects for high-end clientele including Audi, Jaguar, Louis Vuitton, Neiman Marcus, Puma, Range Rover, The Ritz Carlton, Saint Laurent, Stanley Korshack, Versace, and more.

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The team at per se was given the unique opportunity and blessing from Paramount Pictures to produce an official remix to the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog Movie. Our challenge was figuring out a way to maximzie exposure for the remix with only $150 spend in digital advertising and encouraging the post to go viral on social media channels.


We were able to secure a retweet of the remix from the official Sonic the Hedgehog movie account. We then uploaded the video to Youtube and utilized a coupon from Google Ads to match $150 in ad spend.

We created a Youtube ad campaign and placed the remix in front of various Sonic the Hedgehog movie-related content such as trailers, interviews with cast, etc. By targeting the ad this way and through additional keyword filtering, we were able to ensure that the majority of views would be from individuals highly interested in both the movie and the type of music. The result was an incredibly high engagement that allowed us to get the video to go viral.

Results Generated:

Youtube: The post performed incredibly well on Youtube fueled by an initial ad launch. The high engagement built by the Youtube ad campaign prompted the video to start being added to several high profile Youtube playlists and showing up as suggested content. Additionally the video started to index incredibly high on Youtube search results related to the movie.

Video Analytics:

High Engagement in Comment Section: Youtube users responded in a very positive way to receiving the video as an advertisement building brand loyalty and immediate channel following.

How This Benefitted The Client: Our campaign allowed our client to get their remix infront of a wide audience and future video monetization opportunities. The video continues to consistently receive thousands of views a day. They were thrilled that we were able to do what we were able to with just $150 coming out of their pocket in ad spend. This also resulted in 1,000+ visitors to the client’s website to learn more about their business and production capabilities.

They left the following review on our agency profile on UpCity.

Twitter: 745 likes, 186 retweets