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The Top 22 Marketing Agencies In Miami | 2024 Rankings

Miami: A city known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and, now, its booming marketing & advertising sector. In the era of digital renaissance, businesses of all sizes are seeking refuge in the expertise of marketing mavens to craft compelling narratives, solidify their brand presence, and drive conversions.

The city’s strategic position as the gateway to Latin America combined with its diverse demographic makeup makes it a breeding ground for some of the most innovative marketing strategies.

If you’re in search of the best marketing agencies in Miami, you’re in for a treat. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the top 25 agencies for marketing & advertising services and who is leading the charge.

1. Anderson Collaborative

At the intersection of next-generation tactics, data/analytical know-how, and creative capabilities, Anderson Collaborative is known as one the top marketing agencies based in Miami, Florida, and beyond. Their online reviews, case studies, and mainstream media appearances have allowed them to etch their mark as leaders in the performance marketing space. Their team of industry leading subject matter experts serve as extensions of their client & partner’s teams, providing bespoke strategies to fit their unique project requirements. If you’re looking for the premiere growth marketing & advertising agency, look no further.

Website: Anderson Collaborative

Headquarters: Coral Gables, FL

Founded In: 2019

Team Size: 50 – 100 employees

Key Services: Full-Service Marketing, Growth Marketing, Advertising, Media Planning & Buying, Social Media, Market Research, Design & Development, Strategic Planning, Consultation, Creative, Commercial Production

Featured Clients: Mattel, Wingstop, Sotheby’s,

Featured Testimonial: “Everyone on their team is involved, and they genuinely care about the outcome of their work.”

2. Nativz

Website: Nativz’s Official Site

Amidst the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, Nativz emerges as a trailblazer, blending native digital acumen with strategic prowess. This agency prides itself on its ‘digital native’ approach, harnessing the power of modern tools and platforms to drive impactful results for brands. Nativz’s mastery lies in its holistic understanding of the digital ecosystem, allowing it to create campaigns that resonate, engage, and convert. A journey through their website unveils a showcase of digital triumphs, each echoing the agency’s commitment to innovation and excellence. For brands seeking to navigate the complexities of today’s online realm with precision and flair, Nativz stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation.

3. No Good

Website: No Good

Embodying the essence of data-driven marketing, No Good thrives on rapid experimentation. By decoding market trends and user behaviors, they ensure strategies that resonate deeply with target audiences. Their transparency and straight-talk make them a go-to for brands seeking genuine feedback.

4. TOP Agency

Website: TOP Agency

With its roots entrenched deeply in holistic marketing, TOP Agency weaves technology’s precision with the art of storytelling. Spanning PR, social media, influencer campaigns, and more, their focus on metrics and KPIs has made them one of the industry’s most trusted names.

5. The Influencer Marketing Factory

Website: The Influencer Marketing Factory

Harnessing the power of influencer-driven narratives, The Influencer Marketing Factory stands at the epicenter of digital trends. Specializing in influencer partnerships, they’ve mastered the art of authentically amplifying brand messages through key online personalities. Their approach is rooted in a deep understanding of both brand ethos and influencer alignment, ensuring campaigns that resonate with target demographics. A glimpse at their website showcases an impressive array of successful collaborations, emphasizing their expertise in crafting strategies that not only engage but also convert. Their work is a testament to their pivotal role in Miami’s marketing landscape.


Website: BVK

As a powerhouse in the marketing realm, BVK seamlessly blends creativity with impactful strategies to deliver unparalleled results. With a philosophy centered around creating value for brands, they’ve established a reputation for driving campaigns that evoke emotion and inspire action. Their multidisciplinary approach encompasses a myriad of services, ensuring holistic solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. A dive into their website reveals a rich tapestry of innovative campaigns and success stories, cementing their position as one of the stalwarts in the dynamic Miami marketing ecosystem.

7. Rizen

Website: Rizen

Emerging as a luminary in the realm of marketing, Rizen boasts a portfolio that reflects its innovative spirit and result-oriented approach. Centered in Miami, this agency embodies the dynamic energy of the city, translating it into groundbreaking marketing strategies for their clientele. By merging cutting-edge technology with human-centric narratives, Rizen crafts campaigns that resonate, engage, and convert. A tour of their website offers a deep dive into their success stories across various sectors, demonstrating their versatility and commitment to excellence. In a sea of agencies, Rizen distinctly stands out, setting new benchmarks in the marketing world.

8. Roar Media

Website: Roar Media

Positioned at the forefront of Miami’s marketing vanguard, Roar Media is synonymous with transformative strategies that leave a lasting impact. Renowned for their deft integration of contemporary digital tactics with classic storytelling, the agency breathes life into brands, ensuring they not only shine but also resonate with their audiences. Their multifaceted approach encompasses everything from PR to digital campaigns, curated to perfection for each client’s unique vision. A perusal of their website unveils a kaleidoscope of success stories, mirroring their expertise and the indelible mark they’ve made in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

9.Absolute Web

Website: Absolute Web

In the bustling digital arena of Miami, Absolute Web Marketing emerges as a stalwart, specializing in crafting bespoke e-commerce marketing solutions. This agency, with its finger on the pulse of contemporary trends, is adept at driving online traffic, conversions, and sales. Their approach combines astute market insights with avant-garde strategies, ensuring brands not only reach but resonate with their target audience. A glance at their portfolio unveils a spectrum of successful e-commerce campaigns, each echoing the agency’s commitment to innovation and excellence. For brands seeking a digital edge, Absolute Web Marketing offers the expertise to ascend to unparalleled heights.

10.Krafted Digital

Website: Krafted Digital’s Work

Within the vibrant tapestry of Miami’s digital marketing scene, Krafted Digital emerges as a beacon of innovation and precision. Renowned for their bespoke marketing solutions, the agency masterfully balances creativity with data-centric approaches. Their prowess extends beyond mere strategy, delving deep into execution that resonates and engages. Venturing into their ‘Work’ webpage offers an immersive experience into the array of projects they’ve helmed, each showcasing the agency’s commitment to driving tangible results. From start-ups to established brands, Krafted Digital has demonstrated its versatility and dedication, making it an indispensable partner for those keen on making a significant digital impact.

11.  Media Group

Website: 1111 Media Group’s Work

Serving as a cornerstone in Miami’s bustling digital marketing domain, 1111 Media Group exemplifies the harmonization of creative vision with performance-driven tactics. With an innate ability to decipher market nuances, the agency crafts campaigns that uniquely resonate with targeted audiences. Their holistic approach ensures that brands not only gain visibility but also establish robust connections in the digital realm. Exploring their ‘Our Work’ section reveals a spectrum of projects, each reflecting the agency’s caliber in molding brand narratives that captivate and inspire. For entities seeking a transformative digital journey, 1111 Media Group promises expertise, passion, and results.

12. Solved Puzzle

Website: Solved Puzzle

Nestled amidst the dynamic marketing milieu of Miami, Solved Puzzle emerges as a game-changer, adept at demystifying the complexities of the digital world. The agency thrives on its aptitude to craft solutions that fit like missing puzzle pieces, seamlessly integrating with a brand’s broader vision. Solved Puzzle’s proficiency lies in marrying innovative design with data-backed strategies, ensuring campaigns that not only intrigue but also drive results. A delve into their website provides a glimpse into their diverse successes, highlighting their commitment to creating impactful digital narratives. With Solved Puzzle, brands are assured of strategies that truly ‘solve’ their marketing conundrums.

13. Four.19 Agency

Website: Four.19 Agency

Anchoring its presence in Miami’s vibrant marketing ecosystem, Four.19 Agency stands out as a bastion of creativity and strategic excellence. The agency, named evocatively, is fueled by a passion for crafting campaigns that resonate with the zeitgeist of today’s dynamic markets. Their specialty lies in concocting strategies that seamlessly merge digital innovation with compelling storytelling. A visit to their website showcases an array of projects, each echoing Four.19 Agency’s ethos of delivering beyond expectations. With a keen eye on trends and a heart set on driving brand growth, this agency offers a holistic marketing partnership for those seeking to make a mark.

14. Decographic

Website: Decographic

In the bustling digital arena of Miami, Decographic stands as a paragon of marketing innovation and design finesse. Their expertise goes beyond traditional marketing, weaving into the intricate realms of graphic design, branding, and digital strategy. Committed to propelling brands to the pinnacle of their potential, Decographic marries aesthetics with analytics, ensuring campaigns that captivate and convert. A foray into their website unveils a portfolio bursting with creativity, each project showcasing their unique approach to storytelling and brand elevation. For those seeking a harmonious blend of art and strategy, Decographic emerges as the premier choice in the marketing landscape.

15. Zubi Advertising

Website: Zubi Advertising’s Work

Zubi Advertising, firmly rooted in Miami’s dynamic marketing scene, is celebrated for its culturally attuned and impactful campaigns. As a stalwart in the industry, the agency takes pride in its deep understanding of diverse audiences, expertly crafting messages that resonate on both local and global scales. Their blend of strategic insight and creative flair has birthed campaigns that not only stand out but also foster genuine connections. A perusal of their ‘Work’ webpage reveals a rich tapestry of innovative projects, each underscoring Zubi’s commitment to excellence and cultural relevancy. In an ever-evolving market, Zubi Advertising shines as a beacon of adaptability and vision.

16.The Weinbach Group

Website: The Weinbach Group

Navigating the intricate corridors of Miami’s marketing domain, The Weinbach Group emerges as a force of strategic prowess and creative ingenuity. With decades under their belt, this agency has finely honed its approach, skillfully interweaving brand narratives with audience insights. Their hallmark lies in custom-tailoring strategies to fit the unique contours of each brand, ensuring messages that resonate deeply and drive tangible outcomes. A venture into their website paints a vivid picture of their marketing mastery, evident in the array of success stories spanning diverse sectors. The Weinbach Group, with its legacy and vision, remains an indispensable ally for brands aspiring for distinction and growth.


Website: MOK2’s Work

Situated in the heart of Miami’s marketing epicenter, MOK2 is a tour de force of innovation and strategic brilliance. Pioneering a holistic approach, this agency intertwines riveting creative narratives with in-depth market analytics, delivering campaigns that both dazzle and drive results. Their seasoned team brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring bespoke solutions tailored to each brand’s unique essence. A glimpse into their ‘Our Work’ section unveils a plethora of masterfully executed projects, bearing testimony to MOK2’s unmatched proficiency in the field. For businesses in search of a partner that embodies both passion and precision, MOK2 stands tall as the ideal choice.

18.Outsmart Labs

Website: Outsmart Labs’ Work

Anchored in the bustling marketing milieu of Miami, Outsmart Labs epitomizes the fusion of creativity and data-driven strategy. With a keen eye for detail and a relentless drive for innovation, this agency crafts campaigns that are not only eye-catching but also exceptionally effective. Their DNA is rooted in outthinking the norm, resulting in strategies that consistently outperform and outshine. Exploring their ‘Work’ page reveals a tapestry of marketing marvels, each exuding the agency’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering excellence. Outsmart Labs, true to its name, offers brands the cutting-edge advantage they need to lead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

19. Anvixa

Website: Anvixa

In the vibrant matrix of Miami’s digital marketing domain, Anvixa stands out as a beacon of innovation and strategic mastery. Recognized for their prowess in creating visually compelling and results-driven campaigns, Anvixa seamlessly integrates design aesthetics with tactical market insights. Their multifaceted approach ensures that brands achieve not only visibility but also lasting resonance with their target audience. A visit to their website unveils a portfolio reflecting a myriad of success stories, each bearing the Anvixa signature of excellence and creativity. For brands seeking a symphony of visual appeal and market strategy, Anvixa emerges as the quintessential marketing maestro.

20. White Shark Media

Website: White Shark Media

Dive deep into Miami’s marketing ocean, and you’ll encounter the formidable presence of White Shark Media. Renowned for its razor-sharp strategies and dynamic campaigns, this agency has firmly anchored itself as a leader in digital marketing solutions. By synergizing cutting-edge technologies with deep market insights, White Shark Media crafts campaigns that navigate the complex currents of the digital realm, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement for brands. A tour of their website showcases a rich tapestry of success stories, each echoing their commitment to drive results and surpass expectations. For brands eager to make a splash in the vast ocean of digital marketing, White Shark Media offers the expertise and agility to lead the way.

21.On The Map, Inc

Website: On The Map

In the competitive arena of Miami’s digital mark On The Map’s Case Studieseting landscape, On The Map, Inc confidently charts a path of distinction and success. Specializing in turning digital real estate into revenue-generating assets, this agency blends innovation with results-driven tactics, ensuring brands don’t just get noticed, but also achieve their growth objectives. Their case studies page, a testament to their prowess, showcases an array of projects that have transformed businesses, driving traffic, engagement, and conversions in measurable metrics. With a track record of placing brands firmly “on the map” in the digital world, this agency is the trusted navigator for those venturing into the expansive terrain of online marketing.

22. Fractl, Inc

Website: Fractl

Within Miami’s dynamic digital marketing horizon, Fractl, Inc emerges as a nexus of creativity and data-driven insight. Renowned for their content-driven approach, Fractl delves deep into audience psyches, crafting narratives that resonate, engage, and drive action. Their commitment to producing groundbreaking content has positioned them at the forefront of organic search and viral campaigns, amplifying brand messages in the most potent manner. A journey through their website unveils their philosophy of blending art and science, resulting in campaigns that are both compelling and effective. For brands aiming to weave stories that captivate and convert, Fractl stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation.

23. Neuelane, Inc

Website: Neuelane

From the pulsating heart of Miami’s marketing arena, Neuelane, Inc carves a niche with its unique blend of creativity and strategic acumen. Distinguished for their fresh perspective, Neuelane crafts campaigns that are not only visually striking but also grounded in deep market insights. Their holistic approach pivots around understanding brand ethos, enabling them to create messages that genuinely resonate with audiences. A stroll through their website reveals a portfolio replete with innovative campaigns, each mirroring Neuelane’s commitment to elevate brands to their pinnacle of potential. For those yearning for marketing strategies that meld brilliance with authenticity, Neuelane, Inc emerges as the go-to choice.

24.Adziv Digital

Website: Adziv Digital’s Work

Nestled in the vibrant digital marketing spectrum, Adziv Digital emerges as a powerhouse of innovation and tailored solutions. Acclaimed for their bespoke digital strategies, Adziv Digital weaves a tapestry of creative campaigns that seamlessly blend with rigorous analytics, ensuring measurable results for brands. Their ability to perceive unique brand narratives and translate them into impactful digital messages sets them apart in the competitive realm. A perusal of their ‘Our Work’ page unveils a myriad of successful campaigns, each resonating with Adziv Digital’s ethos of driving excellence and exceeding client expectations. For businesses seeking a harmonious blend of creativity and ROI-driven strategies, Adziv Digital stands as a paramount choice.

25. S&G (Stunt & Gimmicks)

Website: S&G’s Official Site

In the bustling realm of modern marketing, S&G, also known as Stunt & Gimmicks, carves out a distinctive space with its audacious and avant-garde approach. This agency, true to its name, is known for crafting campaigns that are both bold and memorable, intertwining surprise elements with core brand messages. Their knack for understanding the zeitgeist allows them to create resonant narratives that not only captivate but also foster brand loyalty. A dive into their official website reveals a portfolio of imaginative feats, a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries and consistently delivering the unexpected. For brands keen on breaking the mold and making a splash, S&G offers the creative flair and strategic depth to make it happen.

In Conclusion

The Miami marketing landscape, with its rich tapestry of agencies, offers solutions for every business need. Whether you’re a startup looking to make a mark or an established brand seeking reinvention, Miami’s marketing mavens are here to guide you. As the world of marketing continually evolves, Miami stays at the forefront, setting trends and redefining standards. The future of marketing shines bright, and it has a Miami zip code.

Eden Jones
Eden Jones
Eden Jones is a content marketer at Anderson Collaborative, where she uses her skills in storytelling and messaging to help clients connect with their audience. With a background in journalism and marketing, Eden has a passion for crafting compelling content that educates, entertains, and inspires. In her free time, Eden enjoys reading, writing, and traveling to new and interesting places.