Kanex is a leading provider of Accessories for Apple iPad, iPhone, MacBook & more. Their products can be found in airports throughout the United States and they offer their products online through their website, Amazon, and Best Buy.

Computer / Mobile Accessories
Paid Social, PPC, Social Media Advertising, Web, Analytics


Recently completing a full rebrand, Kanex needed to expand the reach of their new product line, increase brand awareness, and improve their overall social media following. Kanex had several products on their website and had experimented with social media advertising in the past however they had struggled to quantify the results.


Anderson worked with Kanex on Social Media Strategy and developing a paid social marketing plan. Helping Kanex set up conversion tracking on their website and promoting sales and discounts through landing pages, Anderson was able to generate a significant amount of results through their digital advertising efforts.


  • 935,883 ad impressions
  • 3,412 page likes generated
  • 32,470 link clicks
  • 1,000+ purchases generated, $27,225 in revenue