2020 Community Project

First Two Partners Established For 2020 Community Project

During the first two quarters of 2020, we will be partnering with two Dallas based charities and providing them online marketing services completely for free. We’ve been incredibly thrilled by the response we have received and have had so many incredible causes and charities brought to our attention from those that have wanted to get involved.

The decision was incredibly difficult to narrow down the first two, but we felt that these two causes were ones that we could make a significant impact on. Not only that but we felt like these two causes were truly special and had been doing an incredible amount of good.

During the first quarter of 2020 we will be partnering with The Human Impact, a Dallas charity with a focus on aiding the homeless.


The Human Impact helps the homeless in Dallas in a remarkably simple way. It is the oldest means of helping others, of loving them. It’s through friendship. Since we believe poverty stems most fundamentally from broken relationships, we believe the solution to poverty exists most fundamentally in new, healthy relationships. Through healthy community.

We got to celebrate the beautiful and vital role that our Dallas community plays in this important work at our Art of Community event Thursday, Oct. 24th. Here are photos and a video from that night, as well as ways to give and be a part of what we are doing. Thank you to all who came and who walk alongside us as we walk alongside our friends.

“THE PROBLEM – From The Human Impact Website
You do not have to go overseas to see or address poverty. It is in our backyard. Around 4,500 people are homeless in the Dallas area, and over 500 are considered chronically, or long-term, homeless.

There are many programs, services, and shelters to help the homeless. But often a deeper need goes unaddressed: the need for relationship. People who are homeless have often lost their support system. That’s where we step in.”

You can join The Human Impact or share a donation by visiting their website here: https://www.thehumanimpact.org/join-us

For the second quarter of 2020, we will be partnering with Voice of Hope, who focuses primarily on child education and after-school programs. They help the local community in a multitude of ways but perhaps our favorite is the Aspire After-School Program.

ASPIRE After-School Program


ASPIRE serves Pre-Kindergarten-12th graders every school day, 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. Students receive help with homework and tutoring if needed. They also enjoy crafts and enrichment activities along with a nourishing meal. Volunteers may serve once (or more) each week. We prefer that volunteers working with students commit to a regular schedule.

  • Coaches’ Aid – Support the Coach(es) with classroom activities. Read with the scholars, help with homework, assist with projects and crafts and provide general character enrichment for the scholars. These are available at various times through the day with our various programs on the Main Campus and in the afternoon at our satellite campuses in Grand Prairie and DeSoto.
  • Literacy Leader – Literacy Leaders is a program for volunteers who want to commit to “adopting” a scholar for en extended period of time and helping them improve their reading skills. Volunteers will be assigned a scholar with whom they will read, work through reading activities and comprehension as well as support them on the digital iStation software. Volunteers will meet with a scholar weekly or bi-weekly for preferably a semester or more and walk along side the scholar as they reach milestones in reading, encouraging them and challenging them to meet or exceed their desired grade reading level.
  • Saturday Reading Enrichment – Various Saturdays during the school year. Help students with Istation, reading aloud, math games, and arts and crafts.

We’re thrilled about the opportunity to help both of these incredible causes and can’t wait to share the results. If you have a cause you would like to nominate for the second half of 2020, please send them our way! Click here for more information on the program.